Family Handprint Canvas





Family Handprint Canvas

Ages 5 months +


I saw this and thought it was a lovely keepsake that is easy and fun to make. Its such a simple idea yet one that will be kept for a lifetime. Lovely to hang in babies nursery or even give to Grandparents as a gift.

All you need is:

Blank canvas

Three different coloured non toxic water based paints

Frame optional.

I’ve started to make this myself, using the same colours as in the example. Daddy and I have both done our handprints which look fantastic but have decided to wait until Imogen is a little older, as at the moment she clenches her fist so tight not only would it be tricky I don’t think we would get a handprint so much as a smear of paint. Will see how we go when she is around 4-5 months.



Until then our family canvas takes pride of place in the living room with Mummy and Daddy’s handprints united.

Have a go at making your own Family handprint canvas, we also have a separate one that features our Border Collies paw prints.


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One thought on “Family Handprint Canvas

  1. like it…we did this with our kids, its probably what inspired the site. A place to immortalize your joys, salutations, and moments and people for all eternity. Great pics. Please check out We are trying to create a human history wall, and a global birth registry.. I believe photographers like yourself can help us by giving their clients an added feature of a tile on our wall, ensuring great professional pics for all eternity. Great pics… Thanks.

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